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BR CONTAINER - HALF HEIGHT 20' (O Gauge 7mm scale)

BR CONTAINER - HALF HEIGHT 20' (O Gauge 7mm scale)

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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin.

The kit comprises of the main container unit, and optional base spacer frame. It is a standard "half height" ISO sized container used to transport low level nuclear waste and so will fit onto appropriate flat wagons (typically a PFA wagon - see photos 4 & 5).

Photos 1 to 3 are photos of the items as you will receive them.  You simply need to remove a small lip from the sides of one end of the container and from the bottom edge with a flat file and fine emery paper.

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos.

These parts were commissioned by a customer who likes to model unusual examples of modern era freight and transport wagons.

Please ask if you have any questions.

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