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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin.

The photos are of an example of the items you will receive and also show some of the components assembled and fitted to a Tri-ang Big Big Train Hymek Class 35 from the 1960's (courtesy of a new customer who had been looking for parts to upgrade the bodywork). 

You will receive a set of parts to complete a bodywork upgrade on one locomotive.

These are genuine photos and not digital representations. The set comprises of:

1) Fan grille (and fan) - A template is provided to cut an offset hole in the roof. The grille perfectly matches the curve of the roof and even includes a section to fully fill in the offset section of the roof and correctly position the fan. Once glued in, a skim of filler and some light sanding will complete the job neatly and easily. No supports are provided for the fan as you may want to motorise this, or just add a plastikard support, or maybe add a speaker for sound.

2) Cab air horns (2 sets) - Remove the horn mouldings from the cab roof, cut the new items from the sprue, shape the edge to fit the roof and attach.

3) Air tanks (2 of) - Clean up the edges of the legs, remove the centre leg and glue directly to the cab floor. You will not be able to retain the existing couplings if you fit these items.

4) Buffer beams (2 of) - These are designed to fit over the existing buffer beam (after removing the moulded coupling). The edges of the beam will need minimal clean up to slot neatly within the buffer beam surround. The beams can be used in conjunction with my Hymek buffers (sold separately). There is also a slot in the beam to fit a hook for a set of screw link couplings. 
5) Window frame - One of the side windows of the Tri-ang Hymek is the wrong shape. The replacement window frame is the same size and shape as the other Tri-ang window and so when fitted will look in keeping with the rest of the model. The existing window should be cut out and the new one slotted in from inside.

6) Fuel tank (and 2 supports) - The sides of the fuel tanks need to be sanded smooth and the supports attached to the top edge of the tank. The complete unit will clip straight in to the bodywork to replace the existing oversize unit.

7) Cab wipers (2 sets) - A 1mm hole needs to be drilled above each window and the wipers slotted into place. Note that the wipers are handed so study some photos before fitting.

8) Switch blanking plates - Glue the blanking plates in the switch cut outs, fill the small gap and sand lightly.

9) Roof screw hole plugs - Glue the plugs into the holes where the original roof screws were fitted, fill the small gap and sand smooth to follow the roof profile.

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos. Note that some of the detail is very hard to see with the naked eye.

These parts were commissioned originally to add detail to the Tri-ang Big Big Train Hymek Class 35 diesel, but might also be suitable for other Hymek diesel locomotives.

Please ask if you have any questions or if you need more items than are currently listed.
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