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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin.

The 1st photo is of the item parts as you will receive them (you receive parts to complete two bogies). The next photos show the bogies fitted to a Lima Class 33 diesel locomotive (this is not included in the sale) and then how they fit to the Lima power unit and Lima trailing bogie (after the side frames and coupling have been cut off). The Lima power unit and trailing bogie are not included in the sale.

These parts were designed to upgrade the Lima Class 33 and replace the supplied bogies, which are completely the wrong design.

The upgrade uses the existing power bogie and trailing bogie and so retains the incorrect (short) wheelbase, but achieves a significant and cost effective improvement in the look of the locomotive without the need to replace the motor unit. A further improvement could be achieved by moving the pivot point for the bogies outwards to bring the bogies closer to the ends of the locomotive.

You will receive two sets of parts to complete the modification to both bogies... enough to upgrade one Lima Class 33.

These are genuine photos and not digital representations. You simply need to remove a small amount of flash from the top edge of the ends of the bogie frames, attach the brake pistons (holes are provided in the side frames and they slot straight in), attach the sand boxes and fit the steps (small alignment slots ensure that these fit into the correct place. The un-powered bogie also requires the base plate to be glued to the sideframes and then they are ready to fit.

For the un-powered bogie, the original Lima side frames need to be removed from the Lima bogie with a razor saw (flush at the ends) and leaving around 4mm of the centre fixing in place. The coupling section can be removed if required. If this is retained, then a slot will need to be filed out from the end of the new bogie parts to clear this. The modified bogie can then be slotted into the new bogie assembly and glued into place. 

For the powered bogie, the Lima power unit needs to be removed from the original Lima side frames by removing the two securing screws. The Lima power unit will then slot into the new bogie assembly and is then held together by re-using the two fixing screws. Be sure to align the drive gear with the slot in the base.

The two bogies can then be attached to the original chassis and the loco is ready to run again.

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos.

These parts were commissioned by a customer who wanted to give the Lima Class 33 a more accurate look, without incurring the additional cost of a new power bogie or wheels.

Please ask if you have any questions.
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