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BR B4 BOGIE - FRICTION SHOCK ABSORBERS (Pair) for Mk2 Mk1 COACHES (O Gauge 7mm scale)

BR B4 BOGIE - FRICTION SHOCK ABSORBERS (Pair) for Mk2 Mk1 COACHES (O Gauge 7mm scale)

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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin.

The 2nd photo is of an example of the parts as you will receive them (you receive parts to complete two bogies). The first and remaining photos show an assembled example to show off the detail, complete with wheels (3' 1" diameter [21.6mm] - not supplied).

These were designed to upgrade the Tri-ang Big Big Train Mk2 Coach from the 1960's (courtesy of a happy customer who had been looking for some of these with full brake detail), but will also fit a variety of coaching stock. If you want the earlier friction type shock absorbers, those bogies are listed separately.

You will receive two sets of parts to complete two bogies... enough to complete one coach.

These are genuine photos and not digital representations. You simply need to remove a small amount of flash from the top edge, open up the bearing holes as required for your choice of wheel bearings (not supplied), assemble the pivot assembly using two 15mm lengths of 2mm diameter brass rod (not supplied), fit the centre brake levers and slot it together. If required, brake rods can be fashioned from 1mm brass rod and located into the back of the brake pads and ends of brake levers (holes have been included for this).

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos.

These parts were commissioned originally to add detail to the Tri-ang Big Big Train coaches, but are also be suitable for other BR Mk2 coaches. A separate alternator is available separately that can be mounted onto the inner end of the bogie if required.

Please ask if you have any questions.
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