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RANSOMES & RAPIER 80/1937 NARROW GAUGE DIESEL [9] (BODY ONLY) - (O9 Gauge 7mm scale)

RANSOMES & RAPIER 80/1937 NARROW GAUGE DIESEL [9] (BODY ONLY) - (O9 Gauge 7mm scale)

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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin and is a complete body (with separate roof and wheel) to create an O scale miniature railway loco (7mm / foot) running on 9mm track.

This was commissioned by a customer who was looking to expand the range of industrial locos on his O9 gauge layout. He suggested this loco from the Amberley Museum that is typical of the local community railway engines and similar to the 15" and 18" estate railways of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This engine is modelled on a Ransomes & Rapier 80hp diesel powered engine built in 1937.

Photos 6 to 8 are of an example of the item as you will receive it. The first 4 photos are of a body mounted to the chassis and couplings added (couplings, motorised chassis and track are not included in the sale). In addition, the roof requires lengths of 1mm brass rod (2x 15mm & 2x 37mm). You probably already have the brass rod in your modelling stash, but it is available as an option, if required. 

These are genuine photos taken with a full frame 35mm SLR and not digital representations. You simply need to remove the two formers from the base, remove the wheel from its base, file / sand the bottom edge flat and smooth the roof. It is then ready to paint / attach the roof / fit to the chassis (not supplied) and add the couplings (not supplied).

It is designed to run on a KATO 11-103 or KATO 11-109 chassis (available as an option) that simply clips into the body. It also uses two standard Peco GR-102 009 couplings (not supplied) that slot neatly into the bodywork (see photo 5).

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos. The loco body is 60mm long, 25mm wide and 48mm high.

Please ask if you have any questions or if you need more than are listed.
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