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PLAN U / MAT 64 MOTORPOST MP3000 POWER CAR BOGIES 3000mm (O Gauge 1/45 scale)

PLAN U / MAT 64 MOTORPOST MP3000 POWER CAR BOGIES 3000mm (O Gauge 1/45 scale)

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This is a 3D printed item, using a fine ABS like resin and is for a set of parts to complete 2 bogies (3000mm wheelbase) for the Power car.

1) Lead Power Car Bogie with Track Fender - no pivot assembly supplied (Kop Motor Draaistel met Baanschuiver)

2) Power Car Bogie without Track Fender - supplied with a pivot assembly (Motor  Draaistel zonder Baanschuiver)

The bogies will require wheels to complete (not supplied) and the pivot assembly requires two 15mm lengths of 2mm brass rod (not supplied).

These Power bogies will also fit with Mat 64 Motorpost Mp3000 (Deze draaistellen passen ook bij Mat 64 Motorpost Mp 3000).

These bogies were commissioned by a Dutch railway enthusiast to complete a Plan U power car, coach and trailer car (the 2750mm trailer and coach bogies are listed separately). 

The first 7 photos are of an example of the items as you will receive them. These are genuine photos taken with a full frame 35mm SLR and not digital representations like on some sites. 

You simply need to remove the base from the side frames, file / sand the top edge flat and they are ready to assemble to the ends, pivot and then paint / fit.

The last photo is of an assembled trailer car bogie as an example of the finished article (note brass pivot rods and wheels not supplied).

Bear in mind the size of these items when looking at the detail in the photos.

This side frame is 106mm long (excluding the track fender).


Please ask if you have any questions or if you need more than are listed.

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